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I am unbelievably stoned and I have an exam tomorrow and I haven’t revised properly…

Had such a great time with the lads. Love them.

I actually can’t wait to get stoned in a few hours. I’m craving the way it makes me feel… This is bad lol.

Loving my step dad at the minute. £35 a week and we all know what that money is going towards ;)

Someone come over and get high with me. I’m so lonely and bored :/

Smoking a shisha in your room when your parents are next door = the worst possible idea ever. So fucking sketchy.

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I’ve just realised how much I don’t like joints. It gives me such a low high and it doesn’t last long and when it fades, it just makes me emotional. I prefer bongs if I’m being completely honest. It’s so much better.

It was a one night stand.. Just fucking awesome.

So like, everyone is supposedly going to the beach today but the weather is shit. It’s so cold. I don’t really wanna go anymore cause it’s cold but I’m gonna anyway cause I’ve got 400g of Golden Virginia tobacco to sell and people are interested in buying some. And I’ve got a joint that needs to be smoked :L