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Had such a great time with the lads. Love them.

So like, everyone is supposedly going to the beach today but the weather is shit. It’s so cold. I don’t really wanna go anymore cause it’s cold but I’m gonna anyway cause I’ve got 400g of Golden Virginia tobacco to sell and people are interested in buying some. And I’ve got a joint that needs to be smoked :L

Fuck fuck fuck.

I keep having thoughts of wanting to get high. Why the fuck am I having these thoughts?! I hate weed so what the fuck, why the thoughts? But in all honesty, I really do miss it, I think it was the feeling that it gave me. Happiness and free from all thoughts. I’ve only ever been high once and that was with my ex. I can’t smoke or anything like that so I won’t pretend like I know how cause truthfully I don’t and I’m no stoner, I don’t know how to roll and I have no idea who to call to get me a bag. Fuck, stop thinking.