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I am unbelievably stoned and I have an exam tomorrow and I haven’t revised properly…

I actually can’t wait to get stoned in a few hours. I’m craving the way it makes me feel… This is bad lol.

Someone come over and get high with me. I’m so lonely and bored :/

I’ve just realised how much I don’t like joints. It gives me such a low high and it doesn’t last long and when it fades, it just makes me emotional. I prefer bongs if I’m being completely honest. It’s so much better.

I’m so fucking high right now.

Fuck fuck fuck.

I keep having thoughts of wanting to get high. Why the fuck am I having these thoughts?! I hate weed so what the fuck, why the thoughts? But in all honesty, I really do miss it, I think it was the feeling that it gave me. Happiness and free from all thoughts. I’ve only ever been high once and that was with my ex. I can’t smoke or anything like that so I won’t pretend like I know how cause truthfully I don’t and I’m no stoner, I don’t know how to roll and I have no idea who to call to get me a bag. Fuck, stop thinking.